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Never lag in zeal and in 
earnest endeavor; be 
and burning with the Spirit 
serving the Lord.                     Romans 12:11
NASA Aglow Community Lighthouse

When: Thursday, September 13th at 9:30 AM
Where: 18516 Hwy 3,  Webster, TX 77598

Praise Chapel 
(Not the main chapel, but the worship room in the back of the building)
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring friends and neighbors.
Call Barbara at 713-818-5467 for further information.
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Mark this day on your calendar; set it aside as a time to receive what God has to say to us in this hour. You will be blessed and refreshed!

Judi has been married for 30 years and shares the Love of Jesus in her marriage, home and community.  She is the mother of two grown children, Jarid, 27 and Jayde, 22 both of whom follow and serve the Lord.  Coming from a very diverse background, Messianic Jewish father, and a Roman Catholic mother, she was given the privilege of “growing up in a Spirit-filled home”. 

Judi sought the Lord and the fullness of a relationship with Him at a very early age.  She has taught numerous Bible studies, served in leadership with Aglow International, as a Lighthouse President, Area Board Vice President of Lighthouse Development, and is currently the U.S. South Central Regional Generations Leader.  She is currently working toward publishing the manuscript of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” God’s pathway for your destiny.


Judi Malone
To Speak
Thursday September 13th